Let’s look at 2nd Amendment issue

To the editor:

One of the famous lines of filmdom’s “All The President’s Men” is “Follow the money,” spoken in a garage to a newspaper reporter, played by Robert Redford. That sentence is relevant to current events as they are unrolling in the media today — and every day, if truth be told.

The “good guy with a gun/bad guy with a gun” formulation given to our Second Amendment has produced a society where everyone is armed, and where all are suspect. And the people who are making money off this situation are the arms makers, ammunition makers, gun sellers and gun dealers.

The current events unspooling nightly in suburban St. Louis, Mo., have almost certainly increased the numbers of weapons orders to be processed. A year ago at this time, a noted New Hampshire weapons manufacturer had a two million order backlog, and ads appeared in the area appealing for workers who were prepared to stand at lathes all day, every day, with transportation to and from the work site as a bonus. What is the current status of orders for weapons and ammunition? The silence of the National Rifle Association indicates a good deal about the financial health of the manufacturers who bankroll the organization, and the press should be thinking of looking into the matter.

At the moment we are all terrified of good guys with guns vs. bad guys with guns, and in “The Land Of The Free” and “The Home Of The Brave” such national terror should be given some examination by our national press. I hope you will do your part.


Russell Bastedo


Legacy Comments1

" national terror"- i do think that this is happening. The gun control groups are using every trick in the PR book to push people to be afraid of an object, any gun. However, with 700 million guns in the US that is not going to happen. Based on FBI 2013 initial reports, all violent crime is again down about 6%, so where is the terror. When we look at the store owners forming groups (militia) in Ferguson to protect their family stores against looting, we see that citizen ownership of guns works as intended.

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