Would emergency meeting help?

To the editor:

Do we the ConVal voters need an emergency district meeting?

It could be we are being pick-pocketed legally.

I am bonkers. I feel we are being had by unusual circumstances.

We had a district meeting with 4,000 voting to settle budgets and cover costs. If we are going to raise expenses to $46 million, the ConVal School Board has money they just found and new monies in a refund due to an overcharge to fix the lot ... but ... the monies belong to the district, not the School Board members.

Some rules require monies be returned to the voters while others give the board the right to spend as they decide.

The high school parking lot has been left to deteriorate for 30-plus years. Now we pay for the neglect.

The voters approved some of the repair cost in the $45.3 million dollar budget, but additional repair could cost much, much more.

I think it’s wrong to bypass channels and ignore the voters’ rights to approve spending more than budgeted. It’s taken 30 years to accumulate the problem for a resurfacing of the lot. Let’s fix the problem, but do it right. Seek an emergency meeting and let the voters decide that they want to spend $600,000 to $800,000 more.

Call your School Board members and tell them to give back our monies please.

By the way, in case you didn’t know Peterborough’s first ConVal monthly payment is paid and was $966,630. Could be the towns should just delay payment or reduce their next payment until the board gets the message. We want our money.

Fran Chapman


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