Time to beware of bears

N.H. Fish and Game Conservation Officers are reminding area residents that bears are now out and have resumed looking for easy meals. Natural food supplies are in short supply in early spring and as a result, bears are raiding bird feeders, dumpsters, chicken coops, etc. In order to deter bears, remember the following tips.

It is not enough to take down bird feeders at night. This will just encourage bears to visit during the day. Complete your bird feeding activities by April 1 each year. Don’t feed the birds again until late fall.

Intentional feeding of bears is not only illegal, but a completely selfish act of putting one’s own personal interest’s over that of the well-being of the bears and the safety of the community. Purposeful feeding can result in the bears getting accustomed to humans. This “habituation” of bears may cause a variety of conflicts with humans. The end result may be the removal, most often with lethal consequences, of the offending bear.

People with chickens, rabbits, bees, and livestock should utilize four strand electric fence to deter bears.

People who observe bears in a residential setting would be best served by finding out who in their neighborhood is attracting the bears and make contact with them. Residents are encouraged to work within their community to make sure garbage is secured, bird feeding has stopped, and there is no feeding of bears. Encourage people to respect bears as well as their neighbors. One person feeding bears can create a problem bear that may affect the entire neighborhood. If there is no food source, a bear will not remain in a residential area.

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