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Letter: SRO vote — Why? Tell me why

To the editor:

Well, the voters have spoken and all the political road signs are down and put to rest until next year.

My biggest defeat and disappointment — failure to adopt an SRO for ConVal High School for the third time. How can that be? Why do voters persist in ignoring the safety precaution an SRO would bring to our 900 students and teachers?

I’ve heard from several people as to why they think some said no to a police presence in the school and on the campus of ConVal. One statement I heard was that some voters thought the cure was worse than the threat. Some did not like the idea of a uniformed police man walking the halls of the high school. Some fear drug pushers might be identified and get things too close to home.

Others think drug sales are not life threatening. Still others think that many do not believe there is any threat to safety in such a fine upstanding community as the ConVal District. Some just think their is insufficient evidence to justify spending 18 cents per student per day to fight a ghost..

Still others believe all this talk in Washington, D.C about new gun laws and mentally deranged people running amuck is a scare tactic, a political football. Could be they are right.

I have not talked to anyone who has personal knowledge or facts about the ConVal campus. Talk is cheap. What goes on in the home is none of our business. It is possible kids know what’s going on, but just won’t talk.

Regrettably, I don’t know the facts of the situation nor has any student or parent come forward. Until they do, we can only fantasize what the facts are and pray the voters know more than I do.

Fran Chapman


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