Just say no to  casino gambling

To the editor:

I believe that voters of New Hampshire should tell our governor and state representatives to just say ‘No’ to casino gambling in the state of New Hampshire. There are many reasons but here are some of them to consider:

1. As revenue generation for the state, it is temporary and actually produces a deficit when all the potential damage to society they cause are taken into consideration. Some of these are gambling addiction, lost production as workers skip out, broke homes, not to mention attracting a ‘seedy element’ into our communities. We can do without any of these.

2. Casinos do not produce wealth, they just transfer it from one party to another and mostly from average residents to casino owners. I would much prefer the state support more agriculture or manufacturing that actually create useful jobs and produce usable goods.

3. Casino gambling supporters say if we don’t offer casino gambling we lose out to Connecticut or Massachusetts. However, this is a diminishing return where more casinos chase fewer dollars. Why would deep pocketed Bostonians or New Yorkers travel all the way to New Hampshire when there are casinos much closer to home?

4. If tourism is the goal why not promote the beauty of our state? Why not promote refurbishing our 19th century hotels and the railroads that brought well to do visitors and their families for fresh air and beautiful vistas?

It seems to me that government has become addicted to taxes derived from human weakness such as alcohol, tobacco, gambling etc. so-called sin taxes. Instead of shady characters promoting these things it is our own government. Where does this end? My vote is to keep casinos in Connecticut and Massachusetts and leave New Hampshire a better place to live.

Richard LeFebvre


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