Collaboration in education is key

To the editor:

Rick Sirvint made the excellent point that student achievement depends a lot on the community and not just on teachers. The fear attached to limiting school budgets is partly due to underestimating this reality. Education is a lifelong process and much of it takes place out of the classroom. Putting all the responsibility on schools for student achievement is misguided.

There are many ways to foster our kids’ education. Parents, friends and relatives can play a huge part in boosting children’s learning outside of school. Read to young children and talk to them. Talking to them helps them develop a larger vocabulary. Listen to children as well and ask them questions when you can. These simple actions help children learn to reason, to think. Take the time, whenever you can, to involve them in everyday tasks — changing the oil in the car, cooking, mapping out a trip, etc. These tasks are often a great foundation for math and science concepts. Let them know that all learning is important and empowering. Share your interests and hobbies with them. Appreciate your importance!

Employers of teenagers have an important educational role, too. Help your young employees to learn all that they can on the job. Expose them to as much of the business as possible. Appreciate your role as a teacher, too.

Education should be an enthusiastic collaborative effort of the whole community — not something relegated only to professional teachers in the classroom. A collaborative effort, not just money, is the best, if not the only, way to a high-performing district.

Tricia Saenger


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