Fireworks getting out of control

To the editor:

To my neighbors who reside near Howard Hill Road in Jaffrey: I wanted to let you know how disturbing your fireworks are to your other neighbors. Every night when you shoot off one or two fireworks, it sends my dogs into a panic — a frenzy of barking, panting, whining, pawing, 100-plus pounds of whimpering fur.

They, in turn, wake my young son – which, if you’re also a parent you’ll understand, makes me want to pull my hair out, cry, drink an entire bottle of wine – all at the same time. So I’m begging you – please stop with the nightly fireworks. Save them up for a big occasion and do them all at once – but this nightly display is slowly driving me out of my mind. We live in a neighborhood with lots of young children and pets – fireworks are very scary to animals and I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t appreciate the noise.

I’m not some crazy lady who hates all kinds of noise – honestly I’m not – but this has been going on all summer and it’s literally driving me to tears at night. I sincerely appreciate your cooperation in keeping the sanity in our neighborhood.

Robyn Amadon


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