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Shutdown not  on the Democrats

To the editor:

To suggest that the government shutdown was caused by the Democrats or the president is disingenuous at best.

All the House needed to do to fund the government was pass a clean Continuing Resolution. It was entirely up to them. The president is not in charge of passing legislation, so if the government shuts down, it is the fault of the (GOP-controlled) House.

Speaker Boehner finally stopped invoking the Hastert rule and allowed the Continuing Resolution to come to a vote in the House. There were enough votes to pass a clean resolution all along and he knew it. Everyone knew it. Even many Republicans called for a vote. When that wasn’t enough, Republicans changed standing House Rule XXII, Clause 4 so that only the Speaker (or his designee) may call up a bill from the Senate for a vote. That’s not checks and balances.

The health law had nothing to do with the Continuing Resolution and was attached as a cheap move to push it through because the GOP couldn’t get rid of it any other way. Could you imagine if the (Democratic-controlled) Senate had attached tax reform or gun legislation to it?

Raising the debt ceiling is to pay for spending already voted upon by Congress (not new money to spend) and it’s in our Constitution not to default on those obligations.

Between June 2002 and September 2007, Republicans voted to raise the debt ceiling five times. Never once tying those votes to other conditions.

Look, House Republicans need to stop acting like the ACA is a bill that can be “compromised” upon. It passed both houses of the Congress, was signed by the president, and upheld by the Supreme Court.

If the American people didn’t want health insurance reform Romney would have been elected. It was the crux of the election.

The democracy has spoken.

Michael Clark


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