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Letter: Let’s get rid of the impact fee

To the editor:

As a college student looking forward to living in New Ipswich, owning a home, and raising a family, I am very concerned about this town’s current impact fee.

After graduation, I will be trying to get myself established, be paying off student loan debt, possibly have car payments, and may be looking for a home.

The last thing a young person needs while trying to establish himself in life is a draconian and arbitrary fee (aka tax) on a new home.

Costs are rising all around me and I fear that my generation will have a harder, less comfortable, and less prosperous life than our parents. Government at all levels is spending beyond its limits and we will ultimately bear the burden.

Please vote yes for Article 2 on March 12 to eliminate the impact fee, which is currently at $6,286. Even current homeowners adding a mother-in-law unit within their home are charged a fee of $4,789. However, this is not the end of the story. Over the 21 ½ year life of a $150,000 mortgage at 4 percent interest, this added $6,286 of principal balloons into a total payment of $14,551. This is the price of a commuter car for work.

What about this? What would happen if the town levied a $6,000 tax on grandfathered homeowners in town? Or how about a tax of $14,500 for those who have already paid their mortgage. I think there would be quite an uproar. I don’t wish this on anybody.

Please vote “Yes” on Articles 2 & 3 (Article 3 regarding building permits for sheds, etc.).

If we want affordable housing for the next generation please relieve us of this burden.

Bruce Ruotsala

New Ipswich

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