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New Ipswich Police Logs: March 26, 2013

new Ipswich

Tuesday, Feb. 19

Directed patrol: Police conducted a directed traffic patrol on River Road. Police made no contacts.

Animal complaint: At 12:43 a.m., police responded to a report of a loose horse in the area of 44 Old Wilton Rd. Police checked the area but were unable to locate the animal.

Animal complaint: At 10:01 a.m., police took possession of a chocolate lab without a collar after a complaint from an Ashlawn Farm Road resident. The resident complained the dog has been hanging around her home for the last four to five days. The dog, a lab mix, is approximately four to five years old. Police brought the dog to the winter kennel in the bay of the old automotive center at the town’s highway garage.

Animal complaint: At 1:15 p.m. police returned a chocolate lab that was unregistered and unrestrained to its owner, Emilio Rios. Police issued a violation for unregistered dog and nuisance to Rios.

Directed patrol: At 6 p.m., police conducted a directed traffic patrol on Old Wilton Road. Police made no contacts.

Motor vehicle accident: At 6:42 p.m., police responded to a delivery truck stuck at 135 Upper Pratt Pond Rd. due to icy roadway conditions. The roads had not been salted by the private association that maintains the road. Police responded and observed a vehicle off the roadway and contacted a towing company, which salted the roadway and towed the vehicle back onto the road. The vehicle sustained minor damage to the front bumper, but there were no injuries.

Motor vehicle accident: At 9 p.m., police were advised of an accident involving a tree branch falling and damaging a vehicle. Peter Kelleher, 40, of New Ipswich was allegedly driving a plow truck when he struck a tree, and a branch fell on a vehicle behind him, driven by Chaz Olson, 18, of Rindge. Police investigated the issue. No one was injured.

Wednesday, Feb. 20

Directed Patrol: At 12:34 a.m., police conducted a directed patrol of the schools, checking for suspicious persons or vehicles. Police made no contacts.

Animal complaint: At 8:55 a.m., an Ashlawn Farm Road resident advised police that a chocolate lab mix was once again at her property. The dog did not have a collar.

Motor vehicle complaint: At 5:20 p.m., Todd Amico, 45, of Providence, R.I., advised police of damage to his 2003 green Chevy Trailblazer, parked in the driveway at 1268 Turnpike Rd. Amico alleged that the damage was caused on Feb. 12 by a UPS vehicle, which struck his vehicle in the driveway, leaving a dent in the tailgate.

Directed Patrol: At 5:40 p.m., police conducted a directed traffic control on Old Wilton Road, and initiated two motor vehicle stops.

Directed Patrol: At 9:05 p.m., police conducted a directed patrol of the schools, checking for suspicious persons or vehicles. Police made no contacts.

Thursday, Feb. 21

Suspicious activity: At 7:33 a.m., police were advised of a person not giving the proper passcode to enter the TD Bank. Police made contact with an employee. The improper code was due to operator error.

Motor vehicle accident: At 7:45 a.m., police were advised of a two-vehicle accident in front of Boynton Middle School. Nichole Talbot, 33, of New Ipswich was driving a 2004 Ford Explorer when her vehicle struck a 2002 Saab, being driven by Kathleen Kokoszka, 39, of Jaffrey. No injuries were reported, and the vehicles were towed.

Animal complaint: At 9:56 a.m., an Ashlawn Farm Road resident advised police that a black lab mix that she had complained about before was again on her property and starting fights with her dogs. Police contacted the owner to pick up the dog, or the dog would be taken to the Monadnock Humane Society.

Found property: At 10:18 a.m., police were advised of a found wallet. Police contacted the owner of the wallet to let them know that it was found.

911 call: At 12:13 p.m., police were advised of a 911-hang up call. Dispatch advised police that when 911 called back, the person who answered explained that Comcast was there showing him how to use the phone system, and the number had been dialed in error. Dispatch requested police check the residence. Police spoke to the owner of the home and was advised again that the number had been dialed in error.

Directed patrol: At 6:50 p.m., police conducted a directed patrol of the schools, checking for suspicious persons or vehicles. Police made no contacts.

Friday, Feb. 22

Police information: A resident informed police of a possible water issue in an unoccupied house on Kenneybeck Court. Large icicles were forming from the second floor of the home and not the roof. Police attempted to find the owner’s contact information, but were unsuccessful.

Suspicious activity: At 10:30 a.m., police were informed of a white cargo van at an unoccupied house on Temple Road. When police arrived at the address they did not locate a van, but did note recent footprints around the house. Police checked the outside of the house and no entry was made. Police checked the area and found a Fuller Heating white van parked near the library on Main Street. The diver had not been on Temple Road. Police could not find another white cargo van in the area.

Fraud: At 11:47 p.m., a resident called with concerns about solicitous phone calls he had received from various Massachusetts phone numbers, telling him his wife had filed a protective order. His wife passed away several years ago and the resident was concerned his identity or information will be or had been compromised. Police identified the most recent number, 617-830-2295, as registered in the police database as a scam number. Police called the number and spoke with a representative, who refused to give any information on the company, and told police they could not send mail out unless they could confirm the identity of the caller with a social security number.

Road Obstruction: At 12:28 p.m., police received a call that a white BMW four-door sedan was parked in the roadway between the old highway garage and Tricnit Road with four-way flashers on, with no one in or around the vehicle. When police arrived, they made contact with the owner, Valerie Tambone, 53, of New Ipswich, who was having gasoline put in the tank and told police she had run out of fuel. Police assisted and Tambone was able to drive from the scene.

Saturday, Feb. 23

Directed Patrol: At 8:35 a.m., police patrolled all three schools. No violations were observed.

Motor vehicle accident: At 3:48 p.m., Dwayne White, 51, New Ipswich was traveling south on Ashby Road, just before River Road, when he told police a deer ran out in front of his 2005 Chevrolet Avalanche. White struck the deer, which ran out into the woods.

Directed patrol: At 11 p.m., police conducted a patrol of all three local schools, all of which were secure.

Sunday, Feb. 24

Road obstruction: At 7:30 a.m., police were advised of two trucks parked in the roadway of Locke Road. Police made contact with the owner of the vehicles, Will Ojala of Locke Road. Police requested Ojala move the vehicles, and he complied.

Road obstruction: At 9:23 a.m., police observed a vehicle struggling to drive up Town Hill on Turnpike Road. Police monitored traffic while the vehicle returned to it’s driveway at 618 Turnpike Rd.

Fraud: At 12:04 p.m., police were advised of a woman attempting to pay for only two of three bottles of Mike’s Hard Lemonade at Hoppy’s Market, and that when she initially tried to pay she presented fake money. Police advised because the transaction had not taken place, there had been no theft or fraud. The owner of Hoppy’s Market was advised to fill out a notice of restriction to ban the woman from the property.

Assist: At 12:28 p.m., police responded to assist the New Ipswich Fire Department for a call of possible odor detection at 112 Greenbriar Rd. Alarms in the residence were activated. New Ipswich Fire personnel investigated the residence and found a faulty carbon monoxide detector.

Assist: Police assisted Souhegan Valley Ambulance Serve with a report of a Philmart Drive resident who was reportedly light-headed and unresponsive. Police arrived on scene and made contact with a New Ipswich resident who was awake and declined treatment.

Assist: Police assisted Souhegan Valley Ambulance Service with a report of a possible broken arm. Police responded to 7 Hilldreth Place and transported a New Ipswich resident to Monadnock Community Hospital with an arm injury.

Monday, Feb. 25

Motor vehicle accident: At 10:43 a.m., Karen Updyke, 49, of New Ipswich was driving North on Highbridge Road, while Trevor Lasalle, 28, of Peterborough was driving slow looking for an address on the road. Updyke attempted to pass Lasalle, as Lasalle attempted to turn into the driveway of 81 Highbridge Rd., and the vehicles collided. Both vehicles sustained minor damage, and both were driven from the scene. No one was injured.

Animal complaint: At 12:23 p.m., police were advised of dogs at large at 30 Smithville Rd. Police made contact with the dogs’ owner, and explained that there is a leash law in town, and the dogs have to be contained.

Stranded motorist: At 12:25 p.m., police were advised of a stranded motorist, described as an elderly man in a blue van on Porter Hill Road. When police made contact with the motorist, he had managed to get his vehicle started.

Tuesday, Feb. 26

Motor vehicle accident: At 7:43 p.m., police responded to a single-car motor vehicle accident at 1198 Turnpike Road. The operator, Carol Yungk, 60, of Mason was driving a gray Subaru when she lost control of the vehicle after falling asleep at the wheel and went off the road, striking a telephone pole. Yungk was transported by Souhegan Valley Ambulance Service to Monadnock Community Hospital with complaints of head pain. Her vehicle was towed.

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