About solar, here is my point

To the editor:

Alan Zeller claims in his March 13 letter, incorrectly, that I agree that the Peterborough solar facility will produce 1,166 megawatt-hours of “power” annually. No, I have agreed that the facility may produce roughly 1,166 megawatt-hours of “energy.” The distinction is at the heart of Mr. Zeller’s misunderstanding.

Peterborough’s Public Works Director claimed the facility would produce 1 megawatt. A “megawatt” is a unit of power, not energy. Dividing the annual electrical energy output estimated for the facility by Greg Blake in his Feb. 11 letter, 1,166 megawatt-hours, by the number of hours in the average year, 8,766, yields the average annual power output of 0.133 megawatts.

That computation, which Mr. Zeller terms as “nonsense,” correctly computes a number — 0.133 — that is comparable, “apples to apples,” to the 1-megawatt number presented by the DPW, which was the primary point of my Feb. 4 letter.

Ross Wilkinson


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