Peterborough Chamber: Online art auction features local artists

  • The Peterborough Chamber of Commerce will host an online art auction from April 22 through May 4.
  • The Peterborough Chamber of Commerce will host an online art auction from April 22 through May 4.
  • The Peterborough Chamber of Commerce will host an online art auction from April 22 through May 4.
  • The Peterborough Chamber of Commerce will host an online art auction from April 22 through May 4.
  • The Peterborough Chamber of Commerce will host an online art auction from April 22 through May 4.

It’s time to dust off your virtual bidding paddle and prepare for the annual Peterborough Chamber of Commerce’s online art auction, featuring paintings, photographs and sculpture from artists around the region and beyond.

This Friday, potential buyers will get the opportunity to view the art and meet the artists during the auction’s art opening. The art will be on display at Sterling Business Management on Route 202 starting Friday and through the art auction, which will be held from April 22 through May 4.

Linda Greenwood of Peterborough submitted two of her photographs to the auction this year. Greenwood specializes in photographing florals and landscapes, she said in a phone interview Tuesday, and the two pieces she chose to enter into the auction are close looks at blooming flowers.

“I like to get as close as I can to get the pattern of the blossom,” said Greenwood, who said floral close ups are a favorite of hers. “Mainly, I just love to walk around the area and take my camera with me so that I can catch different scenes. I like to find the patterns in nature.”

Usually, said Greenwood, she simply lets her eye catch on a particularly pleasing color or pattern to choose her photographs. Lately, though, she has been working on pairing her photographs with a book of poetry published by her mother entitled “Summer’s Hum.” Greenwood anticipates eventually releasing a book entitled “Season’s Hum,” that pairs the two. “She wrote a lot of haiku and poems about nature, so they pair well,” said Greenwood of her mother’s poetry and her own photography.

“It’s interesting,” said Greenwood. “Some of the photographs I have just match up perfectly, and some of them, I have liked a certain poem and gone out trying to find a scene that matches it.” The process has made her look at the scenery around her with a new eye, she said, and has made her consider material she may have passed by before. “It lends a definite purpose to my adventures in the outdoors.”

Along with two dimensional art like Greenwood’s photographs, are three-dimensional pieces, like the bowl submitted by glass artist Dominique Caissie of Jaffrey.

“Glass is my life,” said Caissie in a phone interview Tuesday. She specifically created the bowl for the art auction, she explained, trying out a new color-blending technique for the occasion. “I had fun with swirling the colors,” she explained, speaking of the mix of blue, purple and white that make up her bowl. “I wasn’t sure that it was something that I would even want to submit,” she added with a laugh. “When you try something new it doesn’t always come out like you want it.”

Her bowl came out with a pretty even color, which Caissie said she enjoys, and isn’t always the case when you’re working with glass. “With those kinds of pieces, gravity pulls it however it wants,” she said. “This time it came out rather organized, which is how I like it. Sometimes it comes our more organic, or with the color pulled all to one side. I think I like things that are a bit more uniform.”

Having that preference but little control over it is both one of the things she loves about glassblowing and one of the most frustrating, admitted Caissie. “It’s a little bit of both, and depends on the day. It’s a constant battle,” she said.

Caissie said she almost exclusively focuses on creating utilitarian objects, such as bowls, cups, vases or lamps. “I don’t do too much sculpture,” she said. “I like to see things be used, rather than sit. I like things to have a purpose.”

Loring Cheney of New Ipswich takes the opposite view for her stonewear ceramic art, usually creating sculpture of animals or monsters, and usually adding a touch of the unusual to her pieces.

“I usually don’t have a set plan when I start,” explained Cheney. “I usually start with a lump of clay and start playing with it and forming it, and it will start to look like something.” Cheney said she draws a lot of inspiration from sources like illustrations from children’s books, and likes to lend a little humor to her pieces. None of her pieces have a story, exactly, she said, but will often include elements that will make the viewer ask questions, or start to imagine their own story behind the piece.

“There will be an animal on top of another animal, or an animal riding a bike. They sort of evoke stories. They make people ask, why does that bird have a cat on it? Why is he wearing a crown? There will usually be an element of the whimsy, and I don’t know where it comes from. It just happens, really,” she said.

The two pieces Cheney submitted this year include a bird ridden by a cat that Cheney created out of strips left over from a previous project, and a stonewear elephant, which is one of Cheney’s favorite animals to sculpt.

Other artists featured in the auction include Ann Sawyer, BJ Goodwin, Brian Russo, Carole-Ann Centre, Erick Ingraham, Eva-Lynn Loy, Matt Patterson, Roberta Woitkowski, Susan barker, Susan Wadsworth, Gundy Khouw, Roger Block, Bonnie Bennett and Richard Adler.

The Peterborough Chamber online auction will run from April 22 through May 4. New features this year include a Pinterest-style design, online payment, bidding by smart phone, and free delivery within 30 miles of Peterborough. For more information, visit or call 924-7235.

Ashley Saari can be reached at 924-7172 ex. 244, or She’s on Twitter @AshleySaari.

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