Letter: The power of happiness

To the editor:

Had your dose of the sequestrian “double talk” today?

With all the fear, doom and gloom emanating from the president and his flunkies in Washington, it’s a wonder that we can string two thoughts together and figure out the double talk.

For many, contemplating the sequestrian issues is depressing and for some it’s scary. What can we do? Is there any hope?

All is not lost. Let me change the subject 180 degrees and on a positive note ask the question, “Are you happy?”

Many try to search for happiness and find it’s often in the mind of the beholder and not visible from afar.

Happiness is a state of mind within ourselves that makes us feel happy.

Trying to define happiness is a challenge even for Webster. I think it’s a state of mind each individual experiences almost by accident, not by intent.

Sometimes we have the power within ourselves to live a satisfying life and it helps us overcome things like the sequestrian riddle. Sometimes circumstances make us happy. Sometimes our day to day environment creates happiness.

Sometimes happiness is thrust upon us. And yet it was not our goal or purpose. Happiness is not knowing you are happy.

Sometimes it’s within our ability to live our life that brings happiness to our life. The condition frequently comes and goes and seldom is it a preordained result.

Maybe it’s the power of God, doing his thing, opening our eyes and hearts to the wonders of life.

Sometimes happiness is fleeting, sometimes it engulfs us but seldom do we make happiness.

In many cases we have the power, with God’s help, to make others happy and by accident we end up happy.

We must think positive. Better days are ahead. Believe.

Fran Chapman


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