Are we hostages to corporations?

To the Editor:

The Peterborough Unitarian Church was filled with citizens on Oct. 25 when Hedrick Smith, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, was in town to speak about his book “Who Stole the American Dream?”

Those who were there and others who may have heard about his inspiring and challenging presentation can easily make the connection between his words and the process now going on in New Hampshire in relation to the possible passage of a GMO Labeling Bill, HB 660, which is to be voted on in the State Legislature in mid-January.

The corporations he spoke of are doing everything they can to deny the citizens of this country their right to know, and perhaps even their right to food that is healthy for us to eat. We don’t know the health factors of this food, because only the producers are doing any testing up to now, and are they more interested in our well-being or their profits?

We are told when our packaged orange juice is either made from concentrate or not. That allows us to make a decision whether to buy this product or not. The matter is less clear with GMO products, but one does wonder why the producing corporations are so eager to keep us from knowing what’s there when, in 64 other countries throughout the world, consumers are at least given the information and the companies already comply with those regulations. Are we being held hostage in our own nation?

One way to make your voice heard on this issue is to contact your state representatives and let them know your thoughts and feelings about ingesting GMO ingredients without your knowing the possible effects.

A way to become better informed would be to attend a public meeting at the Colonial Theater in Keene on Sunday, Jan. 12, at 2 p.m. when Gary Hirshberg will be the principal speaker.

Douglas Williams,


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