Inaccurate view of Israeli rights

To the editor:

The only way to convince Tricia Saenger that her views on Israel are inaccurate would be for her to convert to Judaism – then, she’d be eligible for Israeli citizenship. Her ancestry would not count.

Israel’s minorities — Arab Muslims, Arab Christians, Bedouin, Druze, and others — are 25 percent of Israel’s 8 million people. They are all citizens of Israel possessing equal rights, freedoms of religion, press, and speech. They serve in parliament, the police, the military and legal system. Women are not required to wear veils, headscarves or burkas. Gays are not beheaded.

The best place in the Middle East for minorities is Israel. Israeli Arabs are more secure and have more rights than Arabs in Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, and Jordan. Israeli Arabs have expressed anger at proposals that they become part of a Palestinian state.

Israel’s legal existence is based on actions of the League of Nations and its successor organization, the United Nations. It is based on the Jewish people’s 3,000-year-old connection to that land and in acknowledgment of millenniums of anti-Semitism, including the murder of six million Jews.

Saenger is mistaken about Israel’s Law of Return (1950). There is no definition of a Jew in that document. The Nazi definition of a Jew (Nuremberg racial laws – 1935) stated that a Jew is a person with three Jewish grandparents. They still murdered Jews who had converted to or raised as Christians. Jews are threatened today. “Israel is a cancer that must be destroyed,” said Iranian “Supreme Leader” Ali Khamenei in 2012.

The following nations give immigrants citizenship based on ancestry: Armenia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Poland Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Germany to “Volksdeutsche,” and Finland.

The fact that Tricia Saenger only criticizes Israel’s immigration policy proves my point about persistent anti-Semitism.

Rick Sirvint


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