Music matters to our kids

To the editor:

When is the Jaffrey-Rindge School District going to put the kids first? Every year the budget goes up and every year they cut programs. Every year parents need to go to the School Board and beg them not to diminish our children’s education further. We need a lawnmower; we need to fix lockers, so cut the music program?

My daughter’s senior year the autism program was relegated to a closet in the back of the library, the phone extension was never even fixed. Cut the supplies budget? What supplies have ever been “supplied?” I have been sending my children to school with their own tissues since kindergarten.

The music program is an important part of so many children’s lives in the Jaffrey-Rindge School District. Music has been proven to improve math performance, and it has positive psychological effects on children. Lisa Goodwin and Leonard Holmes have dedicated years and considerable talent to bringing out our children’s natural gifts and making them shine and gain confidence in ways that no other program but a music program can.

Here’s an idea: why don’t we put together a budget where the students don’t suffer for once? Maybe we don’t diminish the quality of education and try to create more, instead of less, well-rounded individuals. There is no other way to describe this cut as shameful and every School Board member and Supt. Jim O’Neil should be ashamed of themselves. We as parents should not have to beg for our children to have a basic education. We pay more per student than other towns, yet program after program is cut. It is a sad day when our kids education has to compete with a lawnmower.

Robyn Payson


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