Israel is under constant attack

To the editor:

Due to well-meaning sympathy for Palestinians, the writer of a July 15 letter to the editor, Tricia Saenger, and much of the free world in general seem to define peace in the Middle East as a time when Israel does nothing to retaliate against constant, unilateral attacks. Attacks on Israel are by missiles supplied by other Muslim countries, which do nothing to alleviate the conditions of the Palestinians. These are fired from Gaza, which people may have forgotten, was given as an Israeli peace offering after Jewish inhabitants were forcibly removed by the Israeli government. The attacks by bombings and short-range missiles fired on Israeli school buses and gathering places are less frequent only because of a remarkably effective civil defense effort and a defensive wall that is also criticized.

Bystanders disregard the published aim of Hamas, a declared terrorist organization, to destroy Israel and kill all Jews. Hamas has little regard for the Palestinian population, which it uses as human shields. Bystanders also disregard the painful Israeli concessions of land from its tiny country and release of thousands of convicted terrorists, as demanded by Hamas, who make no concessions at all, before they will discuss anything. Promoting these “peace talks” is very popular, politically, and a feel-good position for bystanders, but what can be accomplished at a table with unilateral demands by one side which is openly committed to the destruction of the other?

Please also appreciate that Israel is the only democracy in the region, where people of all religions are protected, can vote, and be free to worship. Lastly, notice that while Hamas did nothing to find the killers of the three Israeli boys, the Israeli police quickly found the killers of the Arab boy, which did not keep Hamas from using his death as an excuse to escalate attacks on Israel.

Evelyne Perks


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