Radical right is not listening

To the editor:

When all legitimate means to change a law have been exhausted, do our representatives have the right to move outside our Constitution and shut down our government as a way to extract concessions they have not been able to achieve either at the ballot box or through the legislative process?

This is the real question at stake in our recent government shutdown. This is not a case of “both parties being at fault” or “both parties being unwilling to compromise.” The Affordable Care Act is law. Laws must be enacted.

Now when the law is finally going to be put into effect, a very small wing of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives decides it is their duty to stop the law by any means. They shut down our government, threatening citizens who depend on government, threatening our leadership abroad, threatening the stability of our economy. They are willing to hold the government hostage to prevent the ACA from going into effect.

The radical right is showing contempt — not just for the federal workers who are furloughed... not just for the 40 million or so previously uninsured Americans who can now find out if that suspicious lump or symptom is in fact cancer .... not just for the voters and votes cast in the last elections... not just for the institutions they like to boast about “conserving.” This is contempt of the U.S. Constitution, which they have all sworn to uphold.

They are raising the stakes now, going after the debt ceiling. They know Obama will not allow this country to default and risk disaster throughout world markets.

But even if Obama gives them a way out of this dangerous game of chicken, they need to be held accountable by us. Better yet, have the Justice Department arrest them all and charge them with treason.

Susan Wessels


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