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Independents’  Day in America

To the editor:

We’re long overdue in this country for some leadership that comes from reality and outside what has been deemed “mainstream” and “viable.”

Somehow we as a nation have lost our way, because endless wars, staggering debt, corruption, spying, TSA encroachment, and an overall abandonment of our Constitutional principles have become norm. Why is it acceptable for a presidential candidate to have to raise $1 billion for a job that pays $400,000 a year?

I’m all in for former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura’s potential run for president in 2016. Oh, what’s that you say? He’s crazy, un-electable, a conspiracy theorist, a nut, etc! Well you know what, he is none of those things. Gov. Ventura is a man who should be greatly admired and respected as a true American statesmen who has only the people and upholding the Constitution in mind.

The son of WWII veterans, Ventura has long understood why our country behaves the way it does with regards to foreign policy and all things political. He served in the U.S. Navy from 1969-1975 in the precursor of the SEALS, which was known as “UDT” or Underwater Demolition Team, so he’s familiar with the way our armed forces functions and has seen war up close. Unlike a majority of these clowns we see run for office who are all too willing to send other people’s children to fight these far off wars, Gov. Ventura asks simply “if you’re in favor of any given war, would you be willing to fight in it or send your children?”

I challenge you, turn off the TV, switch on your mind and give Gov. Ventura a hard look and ask, “is what he’s saying really wrong?” After all we’ve seen an actor turned governor turned president before. How about we win one for the body?

Eric Anthony Jackman


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