Obamacare will harm our country

To the editor:

Many people still do not understand what Obamacare is going to do to our country. Unfortunately, media and politicians neglected to “honestly” inform the public.

Many books and web sites have taken the time to literally break down the 22,000 page “bill,” of what it means and what it will cost taxpayers. Heavy researching to educate oneself on the facts, as I have tried to do for three years, is mind-boggling.

Every new tax, increased tax, new fee and increased fee through 2019 is already planned within the Obamacare bill.

It will have a shocking impact in every aspect of our lives. In 2014, new and increased taxes on families and small businesses are huge, and just wait until it is IRS time, which completely takes over your medical records and Obamacare. Of course, all this will be blamed on the Republicans, the “shutdown” will be Obama’s excuse, but it is already in print in the “bill,” if you want to research it. Forgotten is Obama’s pledge, “For those people who make under $250,000 a year, then your taxes don’t go up.”

Obviously sweet-talk. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts stated Obamacare is a tax. Also the Feds are to grab over $130 billion in fines from employers thanks to Obamacare. As of this writing, those that have been and still will be exempt, and/or don’t pay taxes toward it — most politicians, all of Congress, the president and his entire administration, (they’re fighting for their “aides” exemption), illegal immigrants and most of the generational welfare — we the taxpayers will continue to foot the bill, big time.

Obamacare has already affected us, but what we worry about most is our children and grandchildren. At this rate, their future isn’t looking too rewarding with the price they’ll have to pay.

Roniele Hamilton


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