GOP fighting  for us on ACA

To the editor:

The touting of the Affordable Care Act, and the denigration of conservative voices in our government over the past several weeks, has been a bit much to take.

Too many folks are spouting talking points that they get from the media as unbiased fact, when in fact the mainstream outlets have all but given up any semblance of neutral reporting (ask David Sanger). Those that feel that they have a mandate to govern based on the 2012 election choose to ignore the Constitution and the opinion of the overwhelming majority of Americans, who now after three years of waiting on this hastily passed and mostly unread bill (forced by a zealot in the oval office) are slowly realizing how bad this legislation is.

To worry about the destruction of doctor-patient relationships, to wait months on end for life-saving procedures while government bureaucrats decide if one is qualified, to protest the sharp increase of premiums for millions of hard-working folks, is to get labeled a fanatic or a nut.

The House of Representatives has not defunded anyone — anyone. They have passed bill after bill to fund all of the programs that this administration has requested, except the ACA. To believe that the GOP is starving children, closing parks, and furloughing federal workers is a clear sign that one is watching entirely too much MSNBC. The Tea Party is doing their job to represent their constituents, while doing all they can to shed light on what the ACA means to the hard-working middle class American.

Do you want the IRS managing your doctor-patient relationship for the bargain of only a multi-fold increase in your healthcare premium? Ask anyone living (and working for that living) in Massachusetts. Socializing medicine does not work.

Thank you, GOP, for fighting for us on this one.

Jason Paolino


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