Rindge police need better pay

To the editor:

The Dec. 17 article in the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript about the low police pay in Rindge is long overdue.

We as Rindge taxpayers have been paying to educate, train and certify police officers at the Police Academy to work in Rindge for many years, only to have them leave to go to work for other towns at higher pay. This is not a wise use of our taxpayers’ money and this issue must be corrected. I remember going to Selectmen’s meetings and speaking up on this same issue over 20 years ago.

Now that Frank Morrill is police chief he has inherited this problem that simply has to be fixed. We want and deserve the best police protection available.

According to the Law Enforcement website, it costs about $35,000 to train an officer at the state’s Police Academy. Rindge has put at least a half dozen of these police officers through that process over the last 10 years only to lose them to other towns for higher pay. It is like turning your furnace up to high in the winter but leaving your doors and windows wide open. It just does not make sense.

Rindge is in a unique position, being on the Massachusetts border and having Franklin Pierce University located here. We are a major traffic area with the crossroads of 119 and 202. Lots of people come to Rindge for shopping and to pass through. All of this adds up to needing top notch police protection.

You only have to look to our neighbors in New Ipswich to see what happened with their police department. And look at what they are paying their police chief and officers now. Can you blame Rindge Officer Tom Horne for going to work for New Ipswich? You can plan on more Rindge officers leaving for higher pay in other towns if we do not immediately address this major issue. It is a classic case of pay me now or pay me again later.

Well, as you can see, later has arrived.

Edward Lamoureux


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