Letter: A chance to save millions

To the editor:

Do you want to be a millionaire? About 4,000 ConVal voters may just get that chance.

Here’s the deal. The district budget (Article 1) is $45,448,301 for 2013-14. If the majority of 4,000 voters vote “No” on the budget, the default budget kicks in and the voters save $616,494. However, if the Superior Court judge supports Gail Cromwell’s default figure to the Superior Court, we’ll save another $445, 872 or a total potential savings of $1,062,371.

This opportunity seldom happens, and if there ever was a time to win big and save a million, now is the time. Of course if the Board would stop losing $300,000 to $400,000 on the Food Service program that would be long overdue and a real plus.

And if 2∕3 of the 4,000 voters say “Yes” to consolidate middle schools (Article 8), there is potential to save another $1.5 million.

One thing sure we’ll know on March 13 is if the voters saved millions big time or ignored their opportunity to reduce their taxes.

Hopefully the 4,000 voters will say “Yes” to Article 7 (The SRO article) and address safety conditions at ConVal. Peterborough Police Chief Scott Guinard has done a lot of homework to support the need for speedier response whenever invaders come knocking at our 11 doors at the high school.

Things you should know: Our enrollment is dropping so fast (now 2,304, in 2002 it was 3,146 — a drop of 842), administration just hasn’t been able to adjust expenses correspondingly, which has resulted in huge gross cost per student increases.

Only the voters can determine the future of the ConVal district. Any credit or blame for the crisis we face falls on the decision of the district’s 14,000 voters, not the board or the administration.

Fran Chapman


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