Insult to hard working taxpayers

To the editor:

After reading the well-written report in your paper regarding the recent discussion of the $639,000 LGC refund by ConVal School Board, I have to say I feel insulted and I don’t think I’m alone with this reaction.

This is a straight forward issue. A refund is a refund. To consider using the refund for projects that were not approved back in 2010 when the revenue was generated by the taxpayers is just wrong. To call it a credit or unanticipated revenue is similar to the accounting shell games used in Washington to unnecessarily inflate our federal budget. To withhold the refund for fear of creating a “false sense of security” with local citizens greatly underestimates the voter’s ability to objectively assess next year’s school budget on its own merits. When I get a refund at a store, they don’t “smooth it out over two years.” I get the full refund right away.

The Select Boards who support the full refund are to be applauded. Hats off to School Board members Rich Cahoon, Fiona Tibbetts and Pierce Rigrod who courageously took the right stance on this issue. Their colleagues should follow their lead and bolder leadership is needed from the new superintendent. And we certainly don’t need a public hearing on this topic to make the right decision. A refund is a refund. Just give it back, all of it, to the hard working people who earned it in the first place.

Jim Hassinger


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