Temple Select Board

Taxes, sustainable growth areas of focus


Occupation: driver/labor for the town of Mason Highway Dept.; small business owner

Time living in town: 7 years

Previously elected offices: Treasurer Temple Volunteer Fire Dept., 2 years

Other qualifications: Small business owner NRA Benefactor Life Member; GONH Life Member; captain of the Temple Volunteer Fire Dept.; coordinator for Temple Volunteer Fire Dept. Harvest Festival

What are two issues you feel are important and how do you plan to address them?

No. 1 Taxes

The taxes for the past few years have gone way up and a lot has to do with the spending spree of the current selectmen and their choices to spend our tax dollars and to finance big purchases for the town, instead of planning for the future and not paying finance charges that we all pay for but get no true services out of except, increasing our tax burden to the land and homeowners.

We have Boards of townspeople in place that work very hard and do a great job of setting budgets for the town and also for future purchases so the town can keep up and keep the taxes down for those who call Temple their home. I know that things don’t always go as planned but we all have to do what is needed for the future, and I sure would like to keep Temple as my home but if this spending spree and financing continues I won’t be able to stay here.

We bought our property here for us and my kids because it’s a great place to live and would like to be able some day to pass it down to them so they can live here as well. I am a common guy who will stand up and fight for what’s right for my family and all those families who live here as well as have an open door policy for the people I serve.

No. 2 Quality of our community

It’s very important to me as a resident of Temple to keep this town a great place to live and see it kept up in the future for all the families who call Temple their home. Keep the small-town feeling and charm that brought me and my family here, with an affordable place for future generations to call their home as well. Running the Temple Harvest Festival for the past two years I have kept it alive and thriving with the same care the others before me did and I will do the same for the town as your selectman.


Occupation: Retired after 35 years in automotive engineering and information technology

Time living in town: 27 years

Previously elected offices: Temple Planning Board, 2012-2014

Other qualifications: Professional and personal qualifications: Desire to serve the public; VP/product planning at a F500 corporation; VP/sales manager in three small companies; skilled in workgroup computing setup; married to teen girlfriend, Mary Ann; past member Souhegan Lions Club; love New Hampshire, especially Temple; amateur photographer and woodworker.

What are two issues you feel are important and how do you plan to address them?

Qualities of the Candidate: An electable selectman candidate should understand that most Temple people want the town to have moderate, sustainable growth, but not at the expense of changing our small town, rural culture. The candidate should be dedicated to a pragmatic approach to keeping taxes as low as possible. Moreover, he has to be able to grasp the complexities of N.H. state and municipal laws. And most importantly, be able to work with people. Especially relevant is an ability to forge productive relationships with fellow selectmen; and also with town employees, Planning Board, Budget and CIP Committees, and the ConVal school board. I have a proven track record of using these qualities throughout my career.

Affordable Housing: The late Bruce Kullgren was on the Temple Planning Board for many years. As his brother, Brian, puts it, Bruce solidified his reputation as an advocate of the common, average man. When you are on the Select Board you have to decide about a lot of things that would affect whether or not an average person could afford to live in your town. Bruce never wanted to take away the ability for the typical family to have a home in his town.

This has been and will be at the forefront of my mind each and every time I cast a vote. And I will encourage the others to do so as well.


Occupation: 50 percent owner/treasurer of Knight Foundations, Inc. (retired)

Time living in town: 70-plus years

Previously elected offices: Planning Board, 12 years (1983-1995); 2 years, chairman (April 5, 1989-April 3, 1991)

Other qualifications: Graduated from UNH in 1964 with B.S. in Business. Managed (along with my brother) a company ranging from 10-25 employees for more than 35 years.

What are two issues you feel are important and how do you plan to address them?

Absent any personal agenda and in an era of divisiveness in federal, state and local government, with friends and neighbors expressing themselves on both sides of the issues (spending being very important), I believe I can provide an independent, balanced, and disciplined mind-set in the management of our town government.

Personally, frugal to the core, I would use my business experience in balancing the towns needs and necessities while serving the will of Temple’s taxpayers. Having served a one-year appointed term on the Budget Advisory Committee (2007) and two years on the Capital Improvements Committee (2012, 2013) has provided me with valuable insight as to the spending requirements of the various departments that complement what is the town of Temple.

Kenneth Patria

Editor’s note: Patria did not respond to the candidate profile questionnaire.

Luke Peterson

Editor’s note: Peterson did not respond to the candidate profile questionnaire.

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