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To the editor:

In regards to the U.S. relieving the world of tyrants, the U.S. actually has a long record of supporting tyrants and tyrannical governments. We supported Egyptian President Mubarak for years until the Egyptians tossed him out themselves. We supported Saddam Hussein in the 80s. We currently support the oppressive Bahraini government and the fundamentalist Saudi Arabian government because it serves our purposes. We haven’t particularly cared if they fit the definition of tyrannies as long as they served our purposes. On the flip side, we ousted the democratically-elected government of Iran in 1953 in Operation Ajax and we refused to recognize the democratically-elected Palestinian government in 2006.

A common truism is: “Governments don’t have friends, only interests.” In other words, governments only take actions (like ousting tyrants) when it’s in their political interests.

The U.S. does not oust tyrants for humanitarian purposes. The U.S. invades countries only when doing so wins us access to resources or for strategic purposes. And ousting a tyrant is not a simple cure for a country’s struggles anyway, even when we do attempt it.

Do not mistake our actions in Syria as simply ‘ousting a tyrant’ or being based on humanitarian concerns. Any actions our government takes will be based on political calculations which are always subject to considerable disagreement.

Tricia Saenger


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