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Economic development, preparedness

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Douglas Whitney

Occupation: Disabled/volunteer with stipend ;Grand Secretary Grand Lodge of NH, Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Day-to-day office operations of a 501c8.

Time living in town: 42 Years Previously elected offices; publicly none. Fraternally several.

Other qualifications: Lifelong community service within the town and other organizations. Through Work experience decision making with efficiency and excellence first and foremost. Leadership with compassion.

What are two issues you feel are important and how do you plan to address them?

I feel that the town has not been fully supportive or understanding to the areas Emergency Management and preparedness. We have a generator at the elementary school, however, are at the mercy and availability of the Red Cross for distribution of materials or manpower needed to open a shelter. During the Ice Storm and Mother’s day flood, we had to ship our most vulnerable citizens out of town for shelter. Grants were available from FEMA however, the matching funds were never there. We need to gain training and awareness and as a community bring this up to date. We should also create an organized Neighbor checking Neighbor, CERT team to improve severe incident response as the resources of the town departments will be limited at best. I would like to bring awareness and work with the other selectmen/Budget Committee members, and Emergency Service Officers to better position to the town for this venture, which in my opinion is long overdue. Unfortunately less than $500 in a budget for “civil defense” until recently showed a woeful lack of understanding.

The school system is a major portion of any-one’s tax bill. The idea of a cooperative district is in my opinion a good idea. However, may reach obstacles between the towns. I would hope to work in this area to reach a decision that is acceptable to all parties, and then ways to fairly fund the system that is in place.

Eric Carl Parsons

Editor’s note: Parsons did not respond to our candidate profile questionnaire by press time.


Occupation: Graphic designer

Time living in town: 16 years

Previously elected offices: None

Other qualifications: I have been a department manager in the corporate world and have started my own business, which I still have today.

What are two issues you feel are important and how do you plan to address them?

To limit the issues to two that would be important to a selectman really minimizes the job of a selectmen. A selectman needs to look at all of the issues within their town. However, two immediate issues that I would look at are economic development within the community and strengthening our existing and proposed infrastructure.

These two individual issues will strengthen Wilton as a place where we can all live, work, and play.

Economic Development: I believe that we need to create an Economic Development Task Force for the town that will bring together the Main Street Association, our town boards and other interested individuals and business leaders. This board would look at what can be done to make Wilton a more attractive place to do business and grow the opportunities within the town. That committee could have the ability to create mentoring programs for young people that want to start a business. One way that this can be accomplished is to match them with experienced business leaders to provide guidance for the fledgling entrepreneurs.

Strengthening the Infrastructure: We can look back on recent successes in the town that have just been completed (or are near completion) where the selectmen, with the vote of the town, have completed successful projects, such as the new Fire Station and the Old County Farm bridge replacement. These projects have meant a lot to our community. Supporting them has meant support of our emergency services, police, fire and ambulance, and keeping Wilton a safe place for all of its citizens. I think we need to continue to look for projects like these in order to keep the town relevant as well as keep the tax rate stable.

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