Support for town parking plan

To the editor:

Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die, and so it is with parking. Everyone wants the parking lots to be green space and municipal parks but the reality is in a rural area where cars have become a necessity, we do need to address parking.

I did a survey of a segment of downtown within the area from the Nubanusit River down Grove Street and along Main Street to the Contoocook River. During a quick, nonscientific audit of downtown, I came up with 248 parking spots — not counting the two-hour spaces and this includes private parking. Then using my best conservative estimate of business staff employed in this area only, I came up with 271 people looking for parking. Doing the math and assuming everyone shows up for work, and they do not carpool or walk, we would be short 23 spaces before the day starts.

We would limit anyone wishing to shop or conduct business in town to two hours to get their business done, or risk getting a ticket. I would think the wiser course of action would be to encourage people doing business in town to stay longer.

The town of Peterborough has done a study trying to come up with solutions to meet the need for parking. Many creative and some better than others. Unfortunately, many are beyond the financial ability of the town at this point. The only affordable one is to create a parking space across the Nubanusit River with a walkway to town.

I support the town going forth with a feasibility study to see if it is doable.

As the facts point out, there is a need for additional parking in town. I know some have commented that they do not see a need, but many are people who do not work in this area and when they come to town they use the two-hour parking. Those of us who see and live with it daily would like a solution to the problem.

Peter Robinson


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