Do liberals really care about kids?

To the editor:

In light of what is said about our children it could leave one to believe that liberals care very much about them and their future. How many times have we heard, “It’s for the children,” especially when politicians are stumping for votes or raising taxes. But how much do they really care and shouldn’t it be more than lip service?

First off our youth will be paying extremely high social security taxes as the ever increasing baby-boom retires in disproportionate numbers. This alone should pain us to add any additional loads on our beloved, but not so. I will speak of just a few examples starting with our federal debt of $17 trillion and climbing. This is a never ending burden just to pay the hundreds of billions in interest per year, but worse is that we have taught them by example that overspending can be justified by borrowing.

Not only will they not pay down the principle of our recklessness but they’ll add their own. After-all acting responsible is some kind of old fashion taboo. Compound this with Obamacare gone bust, ever-increasing illegal immigrants living off our system, high property taxes with no cap in sight, and we all sink faster than the Titanic. I know this sounds pessimistic, but how far out of control must it get before there’s no chance of fixing anything?

How much socialized leftism will be vomited on us before we realize that Obama and his party care much more about themselves than our kids? Although I believe we are headed to the point of no return, I’ll still vote conservatively this November. As for you kids, get off your cell phones and find out what’s going on. It’s your sorry future that’s on the line.

Brian Somero

New Ipswich

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