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Ruling parties both at fault

To the editor:

Thanks to the Constitution-contemptuous, tyrannical and traitorous Democrat and Republican ruling duopoly, there was more cause for having a wake than a celebration this past Fourth of July. Why? Well, here are just a few of many reasons: The ruling duopoly has transformed us from citizens into suspects, as evidenced by their National Security Agency goon’s plenary spying on our phone calls, emails and Internet surfing. Their weaponized IRS-Gestapo torments us if our health insurance, politics, religion and prayers don’t meet their approval. Oh, and of course, there are the ruling duopoly’s groping thugs in the Transportation Security Administration who, with politically correct zeal, fondle our daughters, mothers, wives, girlfriends and aging grandmothers with colostomy bags for the sin of wanting to fly. The ruling duopoly’s excuse is that they’re “protecting us from terrorists.”

The funny thing is that the same ruling duopoly that’s “protecting us from terrorists” allows porous borders, so that terrorists and other foreign invaders can come into the country in droves. Curiously, they do this while they send our brave soldiers to sacrifice life and limb in order to secure the borders of countries half-a-world away; countries that hate our guts and would love to behead us all. But wait, there’s more! As an added bonus, their un-elected and unaccountable winged-monkey minions in the Environmental Protection Agency, with tyrannical fervor, issue countless edicts resulting in the poor and middle class having to pay more for their food, their gasoline, heating oil and electricity to heat, cool and power their homes.

Yes, a wake was more appropriate this past 4th of July. Thanks to the easily demagogued and manipulated “sheeple” who robotically keep voting them back into power, the evil and corrupt Democrat and Republican ruling duopoly have managed to make King George look like a piker.

Larry Jones


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