Gun-free schools make us targets

To the Editor,

Upon hearing of the murderous atrocity in Newtown, Conn., carried out by a progeny of Satan, I was filled with a crushing sadness and heavy grief for the innocent victims, most of them small children, and for their surviving family and friends who now endure the horrible anguish that engulfs those robbed by evil incarnate of a precious loved one.

Soon however, this grief was overshadowed by palpable anger at the perpetrator and his accessories to the murders of those defenseless children and adults. Who are these accessories to mass murder? They are those who pushed for passage of the insidiously evil Terrorist and Mass Murderer Empowerment School Zones Act, officially titled by the deceptive euphemism as the Gun Fee School Zones Act of 1995.

I’m angry at the opportunistic politicians who passed and now arrogantly and stupidly refuse to repeal this horrible, murder-promoting law. I’m also angry at those naïve, easily demagogued voters who keep them in office. If gun-free zone Columbine, gun-fee zone Virginia Tech, gun-free zone Ft. Hood, the gun-free zone theater in Aurora Colorado, Mumbai in guns-banned India, the school massacre at Beslan in guns-banned Russia, et al, have taught us anything, it’s the irrefutable fact that so-called gun-free zones don’t deter Satan’s minions and that keeping victims defenseless only assures their certain death.

The notoriety seeking emissaries of Lucifer aren’t stupid. They never choose a shooting range, a gun show or a police station to mass murder, because they know their deeds would be quickly interrupted by their bullet-riddled dispatch to the depths of hell.

It’s time to repeal the aforementioned insane law and enact common-sense legislation that encourages school teachers and administrators to obtain their concealed gun permits. This legislation could also provide for their safety and defensive shooting training.

Another option, after some additional training by the local police department, would be to recruit current concealed gun permit holders within the community as security volunteers on school campuses. They would be an effective deterrent and act as first-responders until the second-responder police can arrive.

These common sense measures could help assure that never again will little children and other innocents huddle in the shadow of evil, with tears streaming from their eyes, as they wait to be brutally executed, because some equally evil people, devoid of critical thinking skills, thought they should be defenseless for their so-called “safety.”

Larry Jones


Legacy Comments1

I've been a school teacher for over 20 years. I've worked with hundreds of school staff, in three different states, and I'm quite certain that not a single one of my current or former colleagues would be willing to -- let alone WANT to -- carry a concealed weapon at school. Suggesting we arm teachers in schools is a ridiculous argument, made even more so by the fact that statistics don't bear it out. More guns equal more deaths. Period. We'll never stop all acts of violence. But it's time to make ALL gathering places more safe by banning assault weapons and keeping these our schools and other public places "gun-free".

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