Letter: Is closure worth the savings?

To the editor:

According to a handout I received in the mail yesterday, the proposed closure of Great Brook School will save Antrim homeowners approximately $160 annually. I don’t know about you, but my household spends about $160 on groceries every week. I once spent $160 on a single textbook for school. $160 pays off only about 1/3 of my monthly interest on college loans. My friend once bought a pair of boots for $160. Given the choice, would you save $160 in taxes just to dispose of it in some other miniscule way, or would you rather make a permanent investment in your community?

If Great Brook School closes, there are no guaranteed positive outcomes.

The proposed savings amount to only a projected 1 to 2 percent of the district budget. At least half of GBS faculty and staff will lose their positions ­— adding to an already great number of unemployed persons in the Peterborough area since the EMS cutbacks last month. Towns with lower populations will not secure their elementary schools from closure because closure of schools does not address the root of population decline, it merely adjusts to it.

Whether you have children in the ConVal School District or not, the answer should be clear. Vote ‘Yes’ on Article 6 and ‘No’ on Article 8.

Madeleine Beihl


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