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Letter: Closure would be harmful to students

To the editor:

Closing Great Brook School would be like biting off our nose to spite our face, like losing a limb. The questionable tax “cost savings” per household would be minimal at best, non-existent at worst. But the true cost, the impact on the entire ConVal community, and most importantly, all of our students, our future, would be significant at a time when investing in our future is more crucial than ever.

In order to create and sustain a vibrant economy, the jobs of tomorrow require ever increasing knowledge and skills of our students. Just because students can be stuffed into classrooms at full capacity doesn’t mean that they should be. It would not create an adequate, let alone optimal, learning environment to attempt to educate upwards of 28 or more middle school students per class when the vast majority of New Hampshire middle school classrooms have an average of 19 kids per classroom.

And why is this? It is a known fact that student achievement is indeed dependent on reasonable student/teacher ratios. Classrooms of 28 plus kids simply will not achieve at the levels they otherwise could have, especially considering the challenging curriculum of today’s world. Test scores will go down markedly, losing ground on the dramatic test score increases at Great Brook School. At a time when we need to adequately prepare this generation to compete in an ever advancing global economy, why would we vote to put them at a disadvantage? It is vital that we effectively prepare them for the future for the good of all of our futures. Please vote ‘No’ on Article 8.

Closing a valuable, award winning school such as Great Brook School, and squeezing all the students into the award winning South Meadow School, would tarnish the shine of both these gems, the pride of our community. While the cost savings, if any, would be minimal, the impact on the futures of our children and community would be devastating. What kind of legacy is that to leave?

Monica Laskey-Rigrod


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