Letter: We can’t afford new police station

To the editor:

I have learned about the proposed “new police station.” We do not have the crime to warrant a new station. Routes 31 and the 202 are “their” major reasons for the new station, but only 76 calls were traffic related. In 2012, 596 calls were reportable. Of these, less then 190 are Malum in se crimes, in their very nature being illegal because they violate natural and moral laws. The rest of these are Malum prohibitum, meaning wrong because “they” say so. These numbers do not warrant a new station at a cost of $1.675 million (plus interest). The town government says this will not be responsible for raising our taxes as the money they want to use is going to come from retired debt, even though this new debt would be way more than what we are retiring and will take many more decades to pay off. I for one, want my taxes reduced. I cannot just print money, like the Federal Reserve Bank. We have to feed our families and heat our homes. Make them live below their means, so we can live within ours.

Being pushed against the wall, I’ve come out fighting. I do not want to be involved and the fight seems so hard and never ending, but the fight needs to be fought and I know I am not alone. Please cast your secret “no” ballot on March 14 at Town Meeting. What we have to do right now is stand up and show up. We need to be fiscally conservative and realistic about what we can and cannot afford.

We only need a one-third plus one vote to defeat this. And while we are at it, we must vote down the budget on March 14 at 7 p.m. at Town Meeting in the Antrim Town Gym.

Katherine Affholter


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