Letter: School vote about more than money

To the editor:

My wife and I have been away for four months so I had to buy the​ Ledger​-​Transcript to find out what is “going on.” I had heard about the vote to close Great Book School and the subsequent results, so it was interesting for me to read Fran Chapman’s letter to the editor. I was immediately struck by Fran’s characterization that small classrooms are “inefficient.”

Studies show​ that a small student-to-teacher ratio results in higher test scores, so I’m not sure what Fran is basing his comments on. While the economic case for closing the school was certainly justified, there are other issues that always come into play. Of course, nobody likes change, especially when it’s in their own backyard but that is what the whole process of voting is about. People will weigh advantages like having a local school, and disadvantages, which are primarily economic.

Of course, New Hampshire’s “advantage” when it comes to taxation basically pits the elderly and the retired against people with families who are still in the workforce. So to me, it was really a vote for spending more money to have “local” schools. Economically, Fran is not wrong, but we shouldn’t do everything according to just economic concerns. In the end, we have a democracy that asks people to vote on what they want and inevitably some people will win and some people will lose.

​Tom Westheimer


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