Gun issue should be settled at polls

To the editor:

Senator Kelly Ayotte, as a mother, must have been moved by the presence of the Newtown families in Washington. Yet, she was the only New England senator to vote against the Manchin-Toomey Amendment. When she runs for re-election, there will no doubt be substantial NRA funds in her coffers. With her solid A rating, she’ll have plenty of money to run an impressive campaign.

However, “we the people” will be voting, one by one, not the NRA leadership. We won’t forget her part in blocking this first step toward meaningful change. In the first decade of the 21st century, there were 305,493 deaths from gun violence in the U.S. , in contrast with 5,187 U.S. combat deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. Change is long overdue.

I don’t know much about the democratic process, but what if there was a national referendum question on all mid-term election ballots? What if Congress could see, state by state, what their constituents want to do about gun violence? Would the NRA-backed congressmen then be forced to heed the people who vote them in and pay their salaries?

According to various polls, not heeded by even 60 percent of the 100 Senators on April 18, the results would be unequivocal.

Janet Luongo


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