Plenty in Antrim support wind

To the editor:

I attended the Antrim Select Board meeting on April 27 where the board conducted a public hearing on the offer of a one-time payment of $40,000 to the Town of Antrim from Antrim Wind, LLC contingent on the approval of the wind project. The hearing was for the public to comment on the offer.

I have to applaud the Antrim Select Board who sat through sarcasm and personal attacks from persons objecting to the town accepting the offer. It seems there are Antrim residents opposed to the Antrim Wind project who think the Select Board is answerable only to them. One person went so far as to say the hearing would be a farce if the Select Board voted to accept the offer over objections of those present. Apparently you have to be at the hearing and be opposed to the offer or your opinion doesn’t count.

There are over 1700 of us who live in Antrim and our Antrim Select Board is charged with representing them all. The opinions they express to Select Board members whether formally to the entire board or to board members they meet on the street, at church on Sunday, birdwatching at Gregg Lake, or however or wherever else are as valid and important as those expressed at a board meeting. But there are some in Antrim who would like to see your opinion not count if you are in favor of the wind project.

In particular Board Chair Gordon Webber was criticized for continuing to support the Antrim Wind project, and it went as far as insisting that he recuse himself on any matter before the Antrim Select Board having to do with Antrim Wind. Mr. Webber’s support for the project was well-known to the voters of Antrim in March when they elected him in a landslide majority, and he has remained true to that position as those of us who voted for him would expect.

The SEC has posted their decision to stop the project, and it’s very likely that Antrim Wind, LLC will appeal it. For those in favor of the project, it would be wise to step up and speak out.

Stephen MacDonald


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