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U.S. has role in ousting tyrants

To the editor:

I am pleased that my letters inspire Helen Altman’s critical thinking. I will not respond to her comments about the Iraq War since I previously stated my views on April 25. We disagree.

She did ask the question if I “really believe it is the mission of the United States to go around eliminating these tyrants one by one?” Well, yes, the world would be a better place without tyrants. I do not expect Costa Rica to do it.

According to the Declaration of Independence, a tyrant ruled Americans. Thankfully, an 18th century Helen Altman at the court at Versailles was not listened to and the French decided to help America get rid of its tyrant. The defeat of the British at Yorktown in 1781 would not have occurred were it not for Washington’s American army receiving aid from the French fleet under Admiral de Grasse and a French army under Comte de Rochembeau.

My critic would like the United States to return to a foreign policy of isolationism that America had during the 1920, and 1930s. That policy did not succeed because it only encouraged aggression by Germany, Italy and France. If Hitler had been stopped in 1936, when he tore up the Versailles Treaty and invaded the Rhineland, it would have been a lot easier than a world war with 60 million dead.

America and our allies destroyed the German and Japanese tyrannies. If the tyrant Hitler had not been defeated, then Helen Altman would not be living and writing letters in Peterborough.

The Korean War was very unpopular in America. However, imagine a world where North Korean tyrants ruled both North and South Korea.

The four murdered in Boston and Cambridge were tragedies. The 70,000 dead in Syria because of Assad’s tyranny is much worse.

Rick Sirvint


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