Weather science tells different tale

To the editor:

I see that we are once again being told that CO2 is trapping heat “like the glass in a greenhouse.” Nothing could be further from the truth, and the claim merely demonstrates an ignorance of both physics and meteorology.

Hot air, including CO2, rises, and as it rises it expands and cools, carrying and releasing its heat upwards. The amount of cooling is clearly demonstrated at times by hail from thunderstorms as formerly warm water vapor condenses and freezes. There is also a massive globe-circling heat vent in the vicinity of the equator called the inter-tropical convergence zone. The rain from that cooling atmosphere is the source for water that forms the great Amazon and Congo rivers.

The warming we have experienced is part of the well-documented 1,500-year climate cycle. The cold part of the cycle was what we call the Little Ice Age, and the source is a long-term sunspot cycle. The Little Ice Age coincided with the Maunder Minimum when sunspots effectively disappeared from the sun.

The high part of that cycle has ended and we are now starting to cool. The influence of CO2 is negligible compared to our sun.

Peter F. Wells


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