Climate denial twisted thinking

To the editor:

Bob DeMaura’s Aug. 27 letter is yet another example of the twisted thinking of the “deniers.” No matter what facts are presented to them, they will continue to deny global warming and CO2 being its cause. They consider it meaningless that the combined National Academies of Science of all G8 nations strongly stated that we must address climate change. It makes no difference that 97 to 98 percent of the climate researchers say urgent action is required to combat global warming.

The impact of global warming can be seen in the numerous temperature extremes we now endure. 2010 was the hottest year on record, with the decade the hottest ever. A study showed that comparing weather extremes of 1951-1980 to 1981-2010, revealed that there had been a 100-fold increase in temperature extremes. Our choices are to immediately stop the release of CO2 or adapt, as the “deniers” suggest. However, if we continue on our current pace, it will be impossible to adapt, as the far reaching consequences to farming, ground water, pests, species extension, wind and water currents, top soil, etc., will be impossible to reverse.

Unfortunately, the “deniers” have fallen prey to the propaganda being put out by the energy suppliers. Their stated agenda is to create enough doubt in people’s minds so that no legislation can be passed to start addressing this problem. The conservatives of the Republican Party have taken up this cause.

The above information is documented in a recent book, “The Future” by Al Gore. I suggest all “deniers” read it, plus watch a recent documentary film covering a study of the accelerating melting of the glaciers. However, this will not happen, as the “deniers” will cling to the propaganda they receive and the few scientists who support it.

Richard Miller


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