Shutdown is the wrong approach

To the editor:

You do have to wonder about Republican zealots who would shut down the government, adding untold misery to millions of Americans, and risk another credit downgrade, just to get their way.

Do they ever consider that it affects all of us in one way or another, especially financially? I too do not like “Obamacare” but only because it does not go far enough in reforming our broken medical services industry. We need a public option, a single payer system that eliminates all the frustrating obfuscation involved in getting proper medical care.

Standardized and simplified billing would be a good start. When we need medical attention, we have enough to worry about without the added frustrations of an arcane system that frustrates even the medical practitioners. We need a system that rewards positive outcomes, not one that puts profits first. And too, you have to wonder why Republicans are virulent supporters of our 2nd Amendment rights, but the “get the government out of our private lives” crowd is strangely silent on our 4th Amendment protections.

Republican extremists are able to accomplish what bin Laden, al Qaida, and the Taliban couldn’t do, i.e. shut down the United States government and compromise the full faith and credit of our financial system. As Rep. Ron Paul recently said, with politicians like these, who needs terrorists?

Walt Saenger


Legacy Comments1

Before you tag Republicans as zealots and terrorists! (come on, really?), remember that this is about agreements to spend OUR money as prudently as possible and an attempt to ward off a coming ACA trainwreck. BTW there have been other shutdowns since 1970 most with Democrats controlling Congress (even against Democrat Presidents)...please learn a bit of history before displaying your histrionics In other news, Democrat zealots in the administration and Congress (including Nancy Pelosi and the disgraced Robert Menendez) have approved a rally supporting amnesty for illegal aliens this Tuesday on the National Mall which is currently closed to taxpaying American citizens. The Park Service (Administration) comment mentioned the rights of the protestors under the First Ammendment. Rights the Park Service attempted to deny to elderly World War II veterans (who actually fought to protect our rights and the rule of law) last week on the same Mall at the WWII memorial. Phil Shute

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