Let’s put ’em  all in Texas

To the editor:

After listening to some of the radio comments from one of the Texas Representatives, I think I have come up with a solution to our dysfunctional Congress.

We should allow Texas to succeed from the United States, enabling it to set up a minimal government, then encourage all the conservative Tea Party members, especially Congressional Representatives, to move to Texas. Think about it. It’s a big state, so there is plenty of room, it’s already a bastion of conservatism and its residents have a lot of money. I mean, it’s got everything going for it and, as preached by Texans, it’s the best place in the world.

The Free State people are already promoting the same thing in New Hampshire, so it must be a good approach. Then, with all the Tea Party Republican Representatives gone, it would enable our Congress to start acting like the bipartisan Congress it should be and accomplish something.

Richard Miller


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