One man’s story: Lifelong frustration leads to change

I can’t remember when I didn’t have eczema. Really. Apparently I was born with it. My parents were beside themselves. They tried everything — took me to doctors, tried to feed me right, the whole bit.

Occasionally something would make it better, usually diet-related. But it always came back with a vengeance.

It seemed as though as I got older, it got worse. You can imagine what it was like as a teen. Anyway, I was out on my own at a fairly young age — working and making my own way. But the eczema was always with me. It was often all over my body — everywhere.

I spent years and thousands of dollars trying to find a cure. I went to mainstream doctors, homeopathic doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, herbalists, hypnotists, you name it. It got so bad, it was impossible not to scratch it. I was hospitalized twice because of bleeding lesions.

Meanwhile, I was making my living in the construction business and managing — except that it cost so much to keep looking for a way to make myself better.

Eventually, a few years ago, I found out about the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Fla. Their basic tenet is: It’s all about what you eat. The old adage: “You are what you eat” is close. It’s really, “You are what you absorb.”

First, they tell you, you must rid your body of acidic waste toxins. This can be done through various cleansing techniques including enemas and colonics. Then you must eat a strict diet of raw vegetables, living sprouts, nuts and seeds. Your body then absorbs all the nutrients of the good food once it’s free of toxins. I started getting better.

So, I came home after that visit to the Institute and didn’t continue to improve as I had there. Apparently, I was not following directions to the letter. Back I went. Meanwhile, these visits cost several thousands of dollars each, so, I went into debt in order to get to the finish line on this.

This time it was drummed into me that I was extremely allergic to many foods. Actually, they pointed out that most people are allergic to too much wheat and dairy products, particularly, but that also most people can tolerate them for longer periods of time than I could. I can’t tolerate them at all. The Institute explained also that most people’s lack of tolerance for these foods, though barely noticeable for most of their lives, actually begins to show up in their 50s, 60s, and older as the body begins to react to the built-up toxins in the form of various diseases in later life.

Anyway, I learned my lesson and since returning after my second visit, I have basically been eating nothing but raw fruits and vegetables and juicing raw fruits and vegetables to drink. The reason “raw” is important is because cooking kills most of the nutritious enzymes. I also grow my own wheat grass (a great food) and juice that. I also eat nuts, sprouts and seeds. I am now almost eczema free. I sometimes cheat a little, like having a veggie roll-up or the very occasional beer. But not too much, or the eczema starts to creep back.

I am a healthy and happy man today and am even changing my livelihood from construction to selling fresh veggie and fruit juices, smoothies, fresh Florida coconuts, salads and miscellaneous snacks from my newly built vending trailer. The Juice Caboose sells at fairs and music/art festivals up and down the East Coast. Search on Facebook: JuiceCaboosenh for pictures and schedule information.

Einar Barenholtz lives in Peterborough.

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