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Another wake-up call on guns

To the editor:

Hearing that a kid walked into ConVal with a loaded gun is heartbreaking and scary, but not surprising. It’s just a matter of time that every community will experience gun violence.

Kids with guns, adults with guns, guns in the hands of anyone who thinks they can solve their problems with a loaded gun, is becoming the norm. Every day we are hearing of a situation where innocent people are being shot at schools, at movie theatres, on the street. Our society feels unsafe.

What will we have to do, have machines that we walk through at every grocery store, every school, every church, every movie theatre, and each other’s homes to detect the loaded gun some may be carrying? Will we have “safe zones” and “unsafe zones”?

We are turning into the Wild West, yet we insist on keeping freedoms that are dangerous for us. Where do children learn to carry a gun? From us. How do children learn how to solve their problems? From us. They are a reflection of our values, our opinions, our ways. When are we going to teach them that it is possible to use our ability as human beings to solve problems diplomatically and peacefully? Yet we perpetuate it, we sensationalize it, we aggrandize it, we make it cool to carry a gun. Even in Peterborough, New Hampshire, “a good town to live in.”

We have an opportunity here to teach our children how to get their needs met without guns. Let’s take it.

Sarah Franklin


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