Working to stay safe ... and dry

To the editor:

Friday while walking on the sidewalk by Peterboro Diner a young woman drove, from behind me, through a large puddle without slowing or moving to the middle of the street (there was no oncoming traffic). My jacket, jeans and socks were sprayed and I stayed wet for an hour (drying out in the library; thankfully, it wasn’t a cold day).

Drivers ignore crosswalk laws and pedestrians wait and wait or hurry away from an oncoming vehicle when in a crosswalk. One day I had to leap to a sidewalk because a car entered onto Grove Street into the wrong lane, heading right at me in the sidewalk.

Many times since this past June I’ve dealt with people choosing to walk in the streets, some wearing black clothing. Many times they are walking with their backs to the traffic instead of using the sidewalks. One evening instead of waiting a few seconds to pass others on the sidewalk a woman and her grown son (people in my neighborhood) chose to walk in the street. She was on the outside, dressed all in black with her back to the traffic. The only way I saw her in the street was the part in the curve at the crown going down to the back of her head showing the short new growth of white hair in her dyed dark hair. What a scary experience finding someone in the street right in front of my vehicle.

In my neighborhood several children play, and ride their bikes and scooters in the middle of street, instead of on lawns and sidewalks. This is dangerous, especially at the convergence of three streets. Where are their parents?

Let’s work together to protect our neighbors and ourselves. No driver wants to hit someone, no pedestrian wants to be hit and we all want our children or our neighbor’s children to be safe in school and in town.

Kath Allen


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