Wednesday, July 12, 2017
Defending a defense of Trump

To the editor:

It’s my letter that Bill Chatfield picked apart in the July 6 paper. He said that conservatives tout their religion but are hypocrites when it comes to helping the poor, disabled, elderly and less fortunate than themselves. How interesting that it’s president Trump who is donating his salary to public charity. How about Clinton and Obama?

More to the point it’s the true conservatives and Trump who work to help the poor and middle class by encouraging businesses to stay in the country, promote a strong economy that’s not built on debt spending and fight for lower taxes. What reeks with hypocrisy is when the left tout their bleeding hearts but would hate to see even half of the poor become industrious and build a business because the vote loss would be catastrophic. Liberal politicians thrive on free handouts, the more the merrier including illegals coming over the border. More handouts and entitlements equals more votes. The philosophy and religion of Bernie Sanders.

Jesus certainly spoke much about helping the truly poor and needy but it was never taught like the fraud and gross abuse of today where entitlements far exceed necessities. For example, an unwed mother can collect enough SSI, welfare etc. to support a live-in boyfriend and both indulge in all manner of waste such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs, tattoos, tvs, computers, smart phones and lottery tickets. Furthermore, many of the so called disabled have no problem working side jobs under the table, all of which the left blindly overlooks.

By the way, it's the religious right who try to save the most poor and helpless; the unborn.

Read II Thessalonians 3: 10-11.  It speaks about those who do not work, becoming busybodies and that they should not eat.

Chatfield should redefine hypocrisy.

Brian Somero

New Ipswich