Temple Dems donate town Christmas tree

  • Temple Democratic Committee Steering Committee members Peter Colpitts, Honey Hastings, Camilla Lockwood, Laura Lynch stand before a tree purchased from the Lions Club to replace the usual town Christmas tree, which was cut down due to safety concerns.  Photo by Tom Hawkins

  • —Monadnock Ledger-Transcript

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
Monday, December 18, 2017 5:47PM

It’s a bit smaller than the towering 60-footer that once served as the town Christmas tree, but the Temple Democratic Committee managed to spread a bit of holiday cheer last weekend, with a donated Christmas tree for the library lawn.

The tree that had previously served the purpose, along with several other spruces on the library lawn, were cut down this summer, mainly because they had gotten so large they were obstructing traffic views and causing a hazard, said Select Board Chair Bill Ezell. 

“It was a giant tree,” said Temple Democratic Committee Co-Chair Camilla Lockwood. “It was so tall, they needed a crane to put the Christmas lights on it.”

So, when the Temple Democratic Committee was casting about for something charitable to do for the Christmas season, there was an obvious hole to fill.

Though they couldn’t hope to compete with the growth of the planted spruce that once stood in front of the library, they picked out the “biggest and the prettiest” of the pre-cut live trees being sold by the Souhegan Lions Club in front of the Temple Store, a 7-foot spruce, to stand in the usual place of honor in front of the library.

Decorated with lights Lockwood found in her attic, with assistance with wiring from the town’s building inspector Will Wildes, the committee was able to hold the town’s annual tree lighting ceremony on Dec. 10, as usual.

Of course, as a standing, rather than planted tree, the Temple Dems donation is only good for this year. The Committee has discussed the idea of making an annual tradition, or perhaps purchasing a living tree for planting, said Lockwood. But for now, that’s a question to save for another season.


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