Witness list in Armando Barron murder trial includes his wife Britany Barron

  • Armando Barron of Jaffrey appears in the Cheshire County Superior Court  in Keene with his public defender Morgan Taggart-Hampton April 5. STAFF FILE PHOTO BY ASHLEY SAARI

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Published: 4/11/2022 1:04:07 PM
Modified: 4/11/2022 1:02:56 PM

With less than two weeks until the arraignment of accused murderer Armando Barron in Cheshire County Superior Court in Keene, details of witnesses and evidence expected to be brought to the court are emerging.

Barron, who was a Jaffrey resident at the time, is charged with capital murder and first-degree murder in the killing of Jonathan Amerault, 25, of Keene in September of 2020. According to court documents, Barron is accused of attacking his wife, Britany Barron, after finding texts on her phone that indicated she was in a relationship with Amerault. Barron allegedly beat his wife, including choking her and putting a gun in her mouth, and then allegedly used her phone, pretending to be her, to lure Amerault to Annette Wayside Park in Rindge, where he attacked and beat him.

Barron allegedly attempted to get his wife to murder Amerault by shooting him, which she refused. He then allegedly coerced her into stepping onto his neck, but she refused to apply sufficient pressure to kill him. Britany Barron has admitted to cutting Amerault’s wrists with a machete. After failing to coerce Britany into killing Amerault, Barron allegedly forced Amerault into the back of his own vehicle, where he allegedly shot him multiple times, including in the head, which killed him. He and Britany then allegedly drove to Coos County, where they set up a campsite and attempted to hide and dispose of Amerault’s body.

Britany Barron pleaded guilty to charges of falsifying physical evidence for actions she took to cover up the crime at the campsite, when her husband was not present. As part of her plea deal, she agreed to be a witness against her husband in his upcoming trial. According to court documents, she will be fulfilling that promise.

The court approved the appointment of Richard Guerriero to represent Britany Barron. Guerriero also represented Britany Barron when she negotiated the plea deal for her own charges in the coverup of Amerault’s murder.

The prosecution has also submitted a list of some of the evidence it will be presenting in court, namely to do with evidence that Armando Barron kicked or stomped on Amerault’s head during the assault.

Criminalist Emily Rice from the New Hampshire State Laboratory, along with four other members of the forensic laboratory, is named on the state’s submitted witness list. The state has submitted 50 potential witnesses, including police officers from the New Hampshire State Police, Jaffrey and Keene police departments, New Hampshire Fish and Game Department and record-keepers for various shops, including Home Depot, Walmart, Old Glory Guns and Ammo, Pelletier’s Sports Shop and 12 other individuals, inlcuding Britany Barron.

According to an exhibit list submitted to Cheshire Superior Court, the state will be submitting multiple photos, including two of shoeprints on Amerault’s head and photos of Nike shoe soles belonging to Armando Barron.

Barron’s defense has protested the inclusion of Rice’s testimony as a witness related to the analysis of the foot impressions. According to court documents, Rice, in depositions, has stated that a pair of Nike shoes belonging to Armando Barron couldn’t be ruled out as having caused the impressions, but also couldn’t conclusively be proven to be what created the impressions, either.

In addition to the murder charges, Armando Barron is also charged with domestic violence, domestic violence with simple assault, reckless conduct with a deadly weapon, second-degree assault with extreme indifference, second-degree assault with serious bodily injury, second-degree assault with strangulation, criminal solicitation of both assault and criminal solicitation of first-degree murder and kidnapping, in relation to the alleged assaults on both Amerault and his wife.

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