Letter: Abortion and religion

Published: 04-11-2024 12:35 PM

Not letting women have control over their bodies is something we profess from our religious views of all life, whether we attend church or not. Men have never had to deal with their own bodies this way. Men have been men and deem women less than them; it is the woman's responsibility. They still expect to have all the facets of life without responsibilities. Women not supporting other women have deemed a way for a sexual life without consequences or declared sex off-limits. 

One who is too old to be entranced with this aspect of life no longer sees sexual life as necessary, so its noncompliant with younger women's needs. It’s more social division to control our country. Women's rights under Roe v. Wade taken away, another step backward for all of us. Watch out ladies, as the North Carolina threat to take away our voting rights is in the backslide funnel to being less than men with no rights of any protections.  

States with large numbers of senior citizens declare abortion is wrong for women and not to be allowed. These are the people who have no need for personal abortion care. Tie this stance with vast numbers of Christians following orders; who has really dictated to them? Over-the-hill people and those stuck in religious mode are trying to stifle women's thoughtful care across our country. Perhaps this bitterness is coming from those contained from fully living their lives?

Kath Allen


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