Letter: Senate, Executive Council maps should be fair

Published: 1/13/2022 8:01:00 AM
Modified: 1/13/2022 8:00:26 AM

The New Hampshire State Senate and Executive Council are ready to determine how New Hampshire gets divided. Divided, you say? We are a state and deserve to be represented as an entity. Are we not one combined set of citizens who want fair representation?

The Senate map is sprawling districts with less-competitive opportunities for representation. Ignoring regional high schools and county borders means not being contained, and representation is split amongst towns sending students to those schools and split between counties. It is similar to sitting on a committee and splitting your workload between different factions. The snake line from east to west has a senator trying to be a fair player running from one side to the other attempting to know all they need to know to get their tasks accomplished.

With the Executive Council, there are sprawling districts as well. "The Dragon" from Vermont to Maine has been as issue since 2010; try racing from side to side and giving fair treatment to all. Even Gov. Chris Sununu says District 2 is gerrymandered. New Hampshire is chopped across the state. Why has no one tried to vertically section our state? It would make as much sense as these current maps. 

Our heavy-populated southeast has many Massachusetts former citizens and those from other states who work for companies or organizations in Massachusetts, with many commuting back and forth to work. They are more tied to Massachusetts than New Hampshire, whether they live here or not. We want fair maps for our state Senate and Executive Council for representation by our senators and councilors and not being chopped up and meshed as puzzle pieces connected without adequate forethought for true state unity consideration.

Kathleen R. Allen



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